Ward Studios
Award Winning Copper Fountains, Art &                   Sculpture By Joseph Ward
Featuring the highest quality art work at the best possible price anywhere. Please take a moment to view my work and discover the possibilities of making it a part of your home or business.

Envision a beautiful hand-crafted copper fountain in your home, with water cascading down into the basin, mimicking the pleasant trickle of a babbling brook. This timeless piece creates a soothing atmosphere that is sure to relax the mind and body. After all the sound is half the art, and each piece is made to be as pleasing to the eyes as the ears.

A copper fountain can be made to your desires, for indoor or outdoor use. Fountains range from small tabletops to large waterfall fountains that look exquisite in a garden setting. Not just limited to water features, a whole range of three dimensional sculpture and wall art are also available. If you can dream it, we can make it.

Ward Studios is proud of our years of artistic excellence, please feel free to email or call us at the studio.

Ward Studios
Phoenix, AZ

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